Flatline Roleplay was publicly released in late April with one goal - To give the best and most inclusive roleplay experience to all! There are many other servers out there, believe me, I know. What sets us apart from many others is our structure and experience. Every member of staff has been either roleplaying or running roleplay servers for well over five years. Altogether we have more than twenty-five years of roleplay experience under our collective belt.
The San Andreas State Police is run by Cody. After joining this server in mid 2018 he has skyrocketed up the ranks to land in the Commissioner’s position. By golly he’s the best fit for the job. As an SASP Trooper, you are responsible for patrolling the state's highways and main roads.
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a new rootin’-tootin’ cowboy to be our Sheriff. If you think you have what it takes, send in an application. In the Sheriff's Office, you police the community and it's citizens.
San Andreas Fire/Rescue is run by the toughest wolf dog on this green earth. Me. I have been a county firefighter IRL for more than 6 years. I know what I’m doing when it comes to blowing really really hard on the orange stuff! Come help us out and tail-gate our ambulance as much as possible, we love it! Filling out the application is easy as pie. Eating pie, not baking pie. You need to head over to the Discord and read the #start-here channel. Eating pie! We treat every member of our community as family. Our rules are enforced on everyone, no matter their rank or role. Our rules are common sense, if you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t say it here. Unlike many other servers, we use a server-side menu for all of our roleplay needs. Server-side menus allow us the ability to restrict trolling and rule-breaking, because you can never get rid of troll menus when client-side menus are enabled. My Discord tag is Wolf#0933 if you would like to DM me. Consider joining our server, we need members!
Website: https://flatlineroleplay.com/
Discord: https://discord.flatlineroleplay.com/
Apply Direct: https://apply.flatlineroleplay.com